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5 Days of War UK Premiere

Premiere Scene's Claire & Anthony Bueno had a real treat as we attended UK Premiere of 5 Days of War. The cast and crew shared with us their passion for telling this story of journalists on the front line as Georgia go to battle to protect their freedom and country from Russian invasion. Based on truth this raw and powerful film was only enhanced by wonderful performances and incredible cinematography. Director Renny Harlin shares with us the difficulties of raising funds for a war film based on a country little known to Western audiences, Dean Cain tells us just how unique war journalists are, Checco Varese speaks positively about shooting on a Red One, Johnathon Schaech tells us his preparation for portraying a soldier, Rade Serbedzija on what this film means to him and Andy Garcia knowledgably tells us how freedom is not negotiable.

Tags: 5 Days of War, Renny Harlin, Andy Garcia, Dean Cain, Johnathon Schaech, Checco Varese, Rade Serbedzija, journalists, Georgia,freedom, country, Russian invasion, interviews, premiere, film, movies, UK premiere, red carpet, trailer, director, actor, Premiere Scene, Claire Bueno, Anthony Bueno, stars

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