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Run For Your Wife Junket & Premiere

Premiere Scene’s Catherine Whale and Anthony Bueno were running up the red carpet as stage play now screenplay debuts on the big screen. Join us as we interview writer / director Ray Cooney, actors Danny Dyer (John Smith), Kelly Shirley (Susie Browning), Sarah Harding (Stephanie Smith) June Whitefield and Neil Morrissey (Gary Gardner) as we find out about this much loved farce, Dyer making his leap into comedy and Harding relishing the challenges of her first leading role.

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Deviation World Premiere

Premiere Scene’s Claire & Anthony Bueno attend the World Premiere of Danny Dyer’s new thriller Deviation. Writer / director J.K. Amalou and producer Lara Greenway confide to us how filming their actors in a confined space really helped build drama and tension to the film. Actor David Fynn talks about his part Justin, the ill-fated fan; Hellboy II actress Anna Walton tells us about her character’s own emotional roller coaster ride and Dyer himself reveals that there were scenes in the script that really made him shudder. Also making a surprise appearance Tamar Hassan drops by to support his old mate and fellow player!

Tags: Deviation, World Premiere, Danny Dyer, writer, director J.K. Amalou, JK, producer, Lara Greenway, filming, actors, drama, tension, thriller, actor, David Fynn, Hellboy II, actress, Anna Walton, character, script, Tamar Hassan, Interviews, premiere, film premiere, UK premiere, red carpet, movies, films, Premiere Scene, Premiere Scene Interviews, Claire Bueno, Anthony Bueno, celebrity interviews, movie news, stars

Danny Dyer talks Age of Heroes

Today Premiere Scene's Claire & Anthony Bueno had the pleasure of grabbing an exclusive interview with iconic British actor Danny Dyer as he promotes his latest movie Age of Heroes. Danny shares with us how immensely proud he is of this film, his honour to be acting alongside real life war heroes but also not forgetting the fun of running around with playing armies! Age Of Heroes is based on James Bond author Ian Fleming's real life 30 Commando. A unit of stealth elite soldiers whose tactics still form an important part in today's SAS. In association with Force Select and Help For Heroes.

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