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Man Up - UK Premiere Interviews - Simon Pegg, Ophelia Lovibond, Ken Stott, Ben Palmer, Tess Morris

It was girl power at the UK Premiere of Man Up as Premiere Scene Claire Bueno and Alice Alexander braced themselves to interview actors Simon Pegg, Ophelia Lovibond, Ken Stott, director Ben Palmer and screenwriter Tess Morris about their all new British Rom-Com. Join us as we Simon Pegg about seizing the day , Ophelia Lovibond about being able to be really playful with her character, Ken Stott about playing comedy, Ben Palmer about the use of improvisation and Tess Morris about her true life experience that inspired this movie.

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Turnout World Premiere

Premiere Scene's Claire & Anthony Bueno went to hang out with the gang from Turnout as they proudly attended their movie World Premiere! Find out from cast Neil Large & Mieke Dockley on being new to acting, how Kill List's Neil Maskell humbly accepts the generous title of co-producer, Zara Dawson & Ophelia Lovibond tell us about falling for the wrong guy and how best friends director Lee Sales, actors Francis Pope and George Russo share with us how working on this film, collaborating with their oldest friends helped make their dream come true ... even if it did take ten years!

Tags: Turnout, World Premiere, director, Lee Sales, actors, Francis Pope, George Russo, Neil Maskell,Ophelia Lovibond, Neil Large, Mieke Dockley, Zara Dawson, Hoxton, east end, love story, interviews, premiere, film, movies, world premiere, red carpet, trailer, director, actor, scriptwriter, producer, Premiere Scene, Claire Bueno, Anthony Bueno, stars

Mr Popper's Penguins Special Screening

Premiere Scene's Thomas Magill and Anthony Bueno had far from a frosty reception as they chilled out with the stars at a special screening for Mr Popper's Penguins. Ophelia Lovibond told us what it was like working with Angela Lansbury on the film and celebrity film goers Edith Bowman, Devon Higgs, Ashley Walters, James Forde, Donal MacIntyre, Aldo Zilli, and John Adeleye, share with us just how great it is to see Jim Carrey back on the big screen.

Tags: Mr Popper's Penguins, Ophelia Lovibond, celebrity, Edith Bowman, Devon Higgs, Ashley Walters, James Forde, Donal MacIntyre, Aldo Zilli,John Adeleye, interviews, special screening, film, movies, red carpet, trailer, actor, Premiere Scene, Thomas Magill, Anthony Bueno, stars

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