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The Unbeatables (Metegol) - Junket interview with Juan Josť Campanella

Premiere Scene's Claire Bueno felt she was on a winner when she had the opportunity of interviewing the Oscar winning Argentinian director of The Secret In Their Eyes (El Secreto En Sus Ojos) Juan Josť Campanella about his new feature length animation The Unbeatables (Metegol), the film about the table football game Foosball. Join us as we ask Juan Josť Campanella about the challenges of translating the humour of this very funny film from Spanish to English, creating the stunningly absorbing aesthetic of the film and how he worked with his actors who include Rupert Grint (Amadeo), Peter Serafinowicz (Loco), Anthony Head (Flash) and Rob Brydon (Rico) who leant their voices to the English language version of the movie.

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