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Powder Room - World Premiere

There was undeniable girl power at the Haymarket as actresses Sheridan Smith, Jaime Winstone, Kate Nash, Riann Steele, Sarah Hoare, director Mj Delany, producer Damian Jones and Rock Musicians Fake Club attend the World Premiere of Powder Room and Premiere Sceneís Claire Bueno and Mike Jonas wanted to interview them all about it. Join us as we ask the films leading lady Sheridan Smith about the challenges of playing a conflicted character; Jaime Winstone about playing a part you could have fun with; Kate Nash about who she based her character on; Riann Steele and Sarah Hoare on their approach to performing comedy; Fake Club about the music they provided, Mj Delany about the creative challenge of ladies nightclub toilet being itís primary location and Damian Jones what is was about seeing the play that inspired him.

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