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As documentarians we make films, so we walk the walk, not just talk the talk.  Therefore we report on film with the firm understanding of the passion, commitment and often sacrifice that goes into filmmaking.

Film is subjective, therefore we do not allow other people’s opinion to influence or dilute our own.

We pride ourselves in asking questions that you won’t hear anywhere else, which results in answers you won’t hear anywhere else.

Our integrity drives us to consciously respecting the film talent by asking relevant questions that have substance.

Our informal interview technique has proved to be entertaining and engaging, not only for the audience, but also our interviewees.

What we strive to achieve is to provide unique content, which is motivated by a true passion for film and filmmaking.

Our driving ambition is to deliver authenticity, sincerity and integrity in the work that you can benefit and gain enjoyment from.

Your contribution is very much appreciated and will help towards the day to day running costs of the website and would help support future development. Thank you.

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