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At A Glance

When ex-military Michael Knox (Dave Bautista) on a recreational visit to watch a football match detects an imminent Russian attack, will he be able to save 32,000 people, in 90 minutes, with no extra time!


Film Details

Directed by Scott Mann

Written by Jonathan Frank, David T. Lynch, Keith Lynch

Released by Sky Cinema

2018, 104 minutes, 18




Dave Bautista as Michael Knox
Pierce Brosnan
as Dimitri
Ray Stevenson
as Arkady
Lara Peake
as Danni
Amit Shah
as Faisal
Martyn Ford
as Vlad
Craig Conway
as Viktor


Final Score - World Premiere Interviews

Premiere Scene’s Claire Bueno and Anthony Bueno were ready for some red carpet action as they interview actors Dave Bautista, Amit Shah, Lara Peake, Martyn Ford and director Scott Mann at the World Premiere of Final Score.

Join us as we ask Dave Bautista, Scott Mann, Amit Shah, Lara Peake, Martyn Ford about shooting this high octane action movie set in completely in a football stadium, but has entertainment to suit all audiences.

“It's fun and it's old school action and that's what it is meant to be." - Dave Bautista

Final Score - Cast & Crew - Interviews

Dave Bautista Interview

Martyn Ford Interviews

Lara Peake Interview

Amit Shah Interview

Scott Mann Interview

Final Score - Official Trailer

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