Once Upon a Time in London – Interviews

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1930s East End, long before the Kray twins ruled gangland London Billy Hill and Jack 'Spot' Comer were rising up through the ranks and making a name for themselves. Once Upon A Time In London presents an historical account spanning the 20 years that these ruthless gangsters ruled the underworld by using any means at their disposal.

Film Details

Directed by Simon Rumley
Written by Will Gilbey, Simon Rumley, Terry Stone
Released by Signature Entertainment
2019, 111 minutes
In UK Cinemas Friday 19th April


Terry Stone as Jack 'Spot' Comer
Leo Gregory as Billy Hill
Nadia Forde as Rita
Andy Beckwith as Sonny The Yank
Dominic Keating as Belgian Johnny
J.J. Hamblett as Bobby Warren
Jamie Foreman as Alf White



Josh Myers as Moisha Blueball
Jamie O'Hara as Grinning Mike
Joe Egan as Bears Breath
Kerim Hassan as Reggie Kray
Kem Croft as Ronnie Kray
Laura Carter as Daisy
Steve Collins as Big Bill


Once Upon A Time In London - World Premiere

Terry Stone - interview

Leo Gregory - interview

Andy Beckwith - interview

Jamie Foreman - interview

Nadia Forde - interview

Josh Myers - interview

Domic Keating - interview

J. J. Hamblett - interview

“We tried to be as accurate as possible." - Simon Rumley

Simon Rumley - interview

Laura Carter - interview

Steve Collins - interview

Joe Egan - interview

Once Upon a Time in London - Official Trailer

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