Shorta, Tarek Zayat – Interview

Shorta poster
Shorta poster

At A Glance

Directors Frederik Louis Hviid and Anders Ølholm astutely hold a mirror to society as two cops on a routine patrol become embroiled in a life threatening situation as racial tension amplifies.


Film Details

Directed by Frederik Louis HviidAnders Ølholm
Written by Frederik Louis HviidAnders Ølholm
Released by Vertigo Releasing
2021, 108 minutes, 15
Shorta - released in cinemas and digital now
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Jacob Lohmann as Mike Andersen
Simon Sears as Jens Høyer
Tarek Zayat as Amos Al-Shami

6. SHORTA - Jacob Lohmann, Tarek Zayat - credit Tine Harden
3. SHORTA - Tarek Zayat - credit Tine Harden

If like me you love, love, love Danish drama then Shorta won’t disappoint. The Danes unapologetically say it as they see it, and the sensitive subject of racial prejudice lies at the heart and by purposely not shying away from the issue is where positive change can and already has started to happen. Plucked from obscurity in true Alan Parker fashion, law student turned actor Tarek Zayat tells me all about the casting process and the fun he had working on the film.

“I come from the ghetto to so it's important to me that people understand this."

Shorta - Official Trailer