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The Hole In The Ground
The Hole In The Ground
The Hole In The Ground

At A Glance

The Hole in the Ground is the stunning feature debut from Director Lee Cronin who has crafted a hauntingly tense film that delivers scares aplenty but also gets so deep under the skin that it will stay with you long after the end credits roll and well into the night.


Film Details

Directed by Lee Cronin

Written by Lee Cronin, Stephen Shields

Released by Vertigo Releasing

2019, 9o minutes,

In UK Cinemas Friday 1st March




Seána Kerslake as Sarah O'Neill
James Quinn Markey as Chris O'Neill
James Cosmo a Des Brady
Simone Kirby as Louise Caul
Steve Wall as Rob Caul
Eoin Macken as Jay Caul
Sarah Hanly as Lil Jones

The Hole in the Ground - Interview

This formidable piece of Irish cinema centres around Sarah, played expertly by Seána Kerslake who has moved with her son Chris to a secluded new home in a rural town. When Chris disappears one night into the forest behind their house Sarah discovers an ominous giant sinkhole while searching for him and when he starts to exhibit strange behaviours, Sarah begins to question whether Chris is still her son.

Premiere Scene’s Ryan Holloway was lucky enough to chat to director Lee Cronin and the film’s star Seána Kerslake in London this week and chatted horror, sleepless nights and whether a spatula is the best way to get wallpaper off of a wall…no really.

“I like the idea that someone might turn out the lights and the first thing they think about before they try to go to sleep is what they've experienced." - Lee Cronin

The Hole in the Ground - Official Trailer

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