Shazam, Dumbo, Children of the Snow Land

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Episode 3 - Shazam, Dumbo, Children of the Snow Land & At Eternity’s Gate

In this week's episode we discuss Tim Burton's Dumbo with interviews from Eva Green and Colin Farrell. The inspirational documentary Children of The Snowland with interviews with directors Zara Balfour and Marcus Stephenson and the featured students Nima Gurung, Jeewan Mahatara, Tsering Deki Lama who trek home having not seen their families for 12 years. DC's superb Shazam! with an interview from the leading man Zachary Levi. And we review Willem Dafoe as he embodies Vincent van Gogh in At Eternity’s Gate. We also reveal our trailer reaction to Joker.

Meet the Team!

Anthony Bueno and Claire Bueno are the founders of Premiere Scene, together they hope to share the passions of filmmaking by the people that make them.

Anthony Bueno

Anthony Bueno

Documentary filmmaker

Claire Bueno

Claire Bueno

Journalist, producer


Featured Interviews


Children of the Snow Land


Featured Trailers

Dumbo - Trailer


Tim Burton adapts Disney’s classic animation Dumbo, to a live action film starring Eva Green, Colin Farrell, Danny DeVito and Michael Keaton. Burton skilfully casts light and colour on to the dark tale of an elephant calf born with ears enabling him to fly. Dumbo’s talent is exceptional as is Burton’s ability to capture tone that is accessible to all members of the family.

Children of the Snow Land - Trailer


Born in the remotest villages in Nepal’s High Himalayas at the age of 4 children travel to Kathmandu to enrol on a 12 year program at Snowland Ranag Light of Education School. This privilege comes at a price as logistics and expense will prevent these children from seeing their families whilst they complete their studies. Children of the Snow Land charts the overwhelming story of three students on their expedition home, but how they summit their emotional journey is truly quite remarkable.

Shazam! - Trailer


Pure hearted foster kid Billy Batson comes of age when he unexpectedly becomes superhero Shazam! There’s all the fun at the fair, watching the teenager learn the ropes and responsibility that his new role imposes on him. Shazam! Is a welcome departure from the current run of superhero movies and should not be missed!

At Eternity's Gate - Trailer


Willem Dafoe delivers a truly remarkable performance in his portrayal of the troubled artist Vincent van Gogh.

Joker - Trailer


As our appetite for super-heroes never ceases neither does our appetite for super-villains. Joaquin Phoenix stars as the Joker. Directed by The Hangover's Todd Phillips.

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