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I'm Not Here
I'm Not Here

At A Glance

J.K Simmons delivers a magnetic heart-felt performance in a tale which is influenced by his own family experienced. Directed by his wife Michelle Schumacher, I'm Not Here is an accomplished piece of independent filmmaking and a worthy watch.

Film Details

Directed by Michelle Schumacher

Written by Michelle Schumacher, Tony Cummings

2017, 81 minutes




J.K. Simmons as Steve
Sebastian Stan as Steve
Maika Monroe as Karen
Iain Armitage as Stevie


I'm Not Here - World Premiere

Premiere Scene were glad we were here to interview actor J.K. Simmons, writer / director Michelle Schumacher, Producers Randle Schumacher and Eric Radzan and cinematographer Pete Villani at the World Premiere of I'm Not Here.

“There are aspects of this film that are loosely based on real life events within our family." - J.K. Simmons

I'm Not Here - Official Trailer

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