The Witcher – World Premiere Interviews

the witcher premiere
The Witcher, Geralt, Henry Cavill
The Witcher, Geralt, Henry Cavill

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Based on the books by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, the adventures of Geralt of Rivia have been adapted for the computer gaming community to immerse themselves in and now Netflix have commissioned two series, starting with an the eight parter launching on the streaming channel 20th December, starring Henry Cavill as the strong and stoic monster hunter Witcher.

Film Details

Show runner by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich

Released by Netflix

2019, Season 1, 1 hour, 8 Episodes

Available on Netflix from 20th December

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Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia
Freya Allan as Ciri
Joey Batey as Jaskier
Anya Chalotra as Yennefer
MyAnna Buring as Tissaia
Jodhi May as Queen Calanthe
Lars Mikkelsen as tregobor


The Witcher - World Premiere

If you love a medieval fantasy, then The Witcher will not disappoint and sits comfortably with those shows which you just want to binge watch.

Great care and attention has been paid to creative an authentic world, where destiny will drive three unlikely characters, a solitary monster hunter Geralt of Rivia, AKA Witcher, an intoxicating sorceress Yennefer, and orphaned princess Ciri on a voyage of much more than self-discovery.

In a land full of magic, sorcery, bubbling with civil unrest and treachery gives course for the three to question who they can trust.

One they can trust is Claire Bueno who went on her own quest at the World Premiere of The Witcher in a hope she can cast her spell and land some monster interviews for Premiere Scene as the cast attend the red carpet at the Vue Leicester Square on Monday 16th January 2019.

Henry Cavill Interview

Geralt - The Witcher - Henry Cavill

Geralt of Rivia, one of a rare breed of mutants known as Witchers, an outcast whose mission in life is to hunt and kill monsters. Henry Cavill is really quite captivating as the character who says little but whose magnetic performance speaks volumes.

CFB: What I loved about your portrayal was that it’s a very contained performance and I just wondered whether it was something that you wanted to bring to the character or was that something that was always in the script?

HC: It was always in the character and in the books Geralt is a contained type, but in the frame work I was working with in here we have three major characters to introduce and I wanted  to make sure Geralt's essence and Geralt's truth was very obvious on screen. Erm he is the kind of character who despite being a white knight and having very strong emotions on the inside he hides all those from the world and presents in a certain way.

CFB: One of the lovely things I took as well from the story is that he is going out and fighting monsters, but often in life the monsters in life are the people around you, was that something that interested you within the story line?

HC:  Yes very much so, but monsters are also monsters not necessarily humans are more monsters, and sometimes humans are more heroes, sometimes the monsters are more heroes. Sometimes Geralt is considered a monster and he is also a hero and also a monster.

Freya Allan Interview

AlFreya Allan, Ciri, The Witcherong with some familiar faces from film and TV such as MyAnna Buring and Lars Mikkelsen it’s refreshing to see emerging talent being introduced to the small screen one such actress is Freya Allan who plays Ciri, the princess whose destiny will put her on a much different path.

CFB: What I loved about the story is that your character goes on this kind of coming of age story and journey is that what you felt when you read the script?

FA: Yes, I suppose so, yeah she learns so much about herself and she changes so much and it is emphasised by her environment and the brutality of what she has experiencing, I think that heightens that she has to grow quicker, than how she would have if she was still a Princess.

Defying the stereotype of a Queen, Calanthe (Jodhi May) Ciri’s courageous grandmother proves to be the perfect role model.

FA: Exactly, that’s what she wants, she wants to be like her Grandmother, she admirers her Grandmother and she wants to be like her.

“I wanted to make sure Geralt’s essence and Geralt’s truth was very obvious on screen." - Henry Cavill

Joey Batey Interview

JoviThe Witcher - Joey Batey - Jaskieral poet and minstrel Jaskier brings much levity to the darkness of the drama, Joey Batey proved to be as delightful off screen as he is on.

CFB: You put your singing to good use in this show?

JB: Well hopefully, I think a lot of the songs that John and Sonia composed the song. I mean that’s the joy really in getting to sing what they created because they are furiously talented human beings, completely bonkers and an absolute joy to work with and I think that for me is the absolute pleasure.

CFB: One of the joys as well that we see in the show is this budding friendship and camaraderie between your character and Witcher?

JB: Absolutely, yeah, yeah, yeah and I think; yeah I think that has lots of places to go in the show, that friendship is tested in points which is always really interesting to play. Erm and I’m really looking forward to exploring it in season 2.

CFB:  And for you as an actor when you’re presented with a script and an opportunity like this, it must be such a gift?

JB: It really is, and also not just the script but the relationship with the writers, the writers in all seriousness my favourite people on this earth, they are wonderful. And the trust that they have, I improvise and adlib quite a lot within the show and having that trust between the writers and myself and Lauren who has just created this atmosphere and environment whereby someone can do that, that’s the real gift for me.

CFB: And of course with Henry as well, being your screen partner that must be a joy as well to be able to have that kind of collaboration on set too?

JB: Absolutely he gives as much as he can get, yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely.

The Witcher - Official Trailer

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