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Modern Love quad poster
Modern Love Quad Poster
Modern Love Quad Poster

At A Glance

A ten year labour of love culminates in a series of short stories depicting love and dating in modern day London, directed by Simon Aitken.

Film Details

Directed by Simon Aitken

Written by Simon Aitken, Antonia McGuire,
Written by Keith Eyles (segment "Online")
Written by Benjamin Green (segment "Sans Sous-Titres")
Written by Dianna Ippolito (segment "To The Passerby")

Released by Amazon Prime UK, 14th February 2021
Released by Amazon Prime US, 14th February 2021

Social Media: @ModernLoveMovie

Q&A videos courtesy of Independent Runnings



Barbara Barnes as Lucille
Vivien Reid as Cathy
Ben Shockley as Derek
Chris Grahamson as Jason
Matt Prendergast as Mike
Leila Reid as Lucy
Benjamin Green as John
Kane Surry as Tom
Paul Rippengal as Will
Keith Eyles as John007
Jonathon Marx as Steven
Phil Snowden as Thomas
Liv Austen as Julia

Modern Love Q&As

February 14th, Valentine’s Day, and what better day to release a contemporary love story Modern Love. Ten years in the making filmmaker Simon Aitken valiantly ploughed on never giving up hope that his film would cross the finishing line, and it has! And audiences in the UK and the United States can watch the film via Amazon Prime.  For anybody embarking on making an independent film, tenacity is key, you have to do it because you love it; and once you commit, you commit. Aitken has achieved a lot with Modern Love and it was my pleasure to moderate a series of Q&As with the cast and crew as they reminisce about the fun times they had working of the film.

Day 1

Simon Aitken (Writer / Director / Producer)

Benjamin Green (Actor / Writer / Composer)
Sans Sous Titre (Without Subtitles)

Keith Eyles (Writer / Actor)

Paul Rippengal (Actor / Singer / Songwriter)
Taxi Ride, Music Be The Food Of Love, Play On

Neil Myers (Composer)
Digital Romance, Three Little Words, Unexpected, To The Passerby (End Credits)

Day 2

Simon Aitken (Writer / Director / Producer)

Antonia McGuire (Writer)
Taxi Ride, Silence, Hotel Rendezvous

Liv Austen (Actor)
The One That Got Away

Barbara Barnes (Actor)

Vivien Reid (Actor)

Day 3

Simon Aitken (Writer / Director / Producer)

Jaeson Finn (Animator)
To The Passerby

Viriginia Popova (Makeup Artist)
Taxi Ride, Sans Sous Titre (Without Subtitles), Silence, Three Little Words, Unexpected, The One That Got Away, Hotel Rendezvous, Music Be The Food Of Love Play On

ADC - Andrew David Clark (VFX Artist)
Online, Unexpected

Chris Grahamson (Actor)
Three Little Words

“With each one I decided what can I do different from the last." - Simon Aitken

Day 4

Simon Aitken (Writer / Director / Producer)

Antonia McGuire (Writer)Taxi Ride, Silence, Hotel Rendezvous

Ben Shockley (Actor)
Taxi Ride

Leila Reid (Actor)
Digital Romance

Matt Prendergast (Actor)
Hotel Rendezvous

Day 5

Simon Aitken (Writer / Director / Producer)

Kane Surry (Actor)
Digital Romance

Phil Snowden (Actor)
Three Little Words

Jonathon Marx (Actor)

Keith Eyles (Actor)

Sans Sous Titres (Without Subtitles)
Hotel Rendezvous

Modern Love - Official Trailer

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